The Last Summer Dance festival (31st August & 1st September 2019) is a participative festival with an eclectic mix of music, workshops and arts. For an entire weekend, we fill the idyllic Schlasspark in Erpeldange-sur-Sûre (Luxembourg) with colours, cultures and good vibes. Everyone is welcome, from young to old, for festival goers and families –  the visitor awaits two days full of fun, discussions, intercultural dialogue and sustainability.

MUSIC  | The lifeblood of the Last Summer Dance. On two stages we welcome local and international musicians, from world music to rock-pop up to ska. It is your very special soundtrack to the end of the summer!

ARTS | Discover local artists, young and old and their paintings, pictures and sculptures.

WORKSHOPS | The secret heart of our festival. Wake up with Acro Yoga and slacklining in the morning, learn and debate about social issues in the afternoon and play percussions to the sound of the night. Five categories will host workshops for everyone:  Society, Move, Creativity, Nature, Tools and Technology.

OPEN SPACE | Movies, jam sessions and poetry slams – many untold stories ahead of us!

MARKET | Take a stroll around our free your stuff shop, self-made jewellery and upcycled furniture.

FOOD | A journey through mouth-watering flavours from home and different continents, for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

FAMILY | There is also much to discover for our little guests, from insect hotels to face painting:  A friendly family feeling all over the castle park!

A look back at the 4th edition of the Last Summer Dance 2016!
Video by Olivier Gonner, Michelle Kleyr, Lucie Wahl, Pilar Bayón and Tessy Troes
Music by Vello Público
Picture by Sam Flammang