This year's art exhibition with the theme "Talk to me" will be filled with the beautiful artworks of the following people:


Maurizio Fusillo


“Talk to me” - Installation, mixed material

In the era of communication, we often talk "to" each other, not "with" each other.
Talking became an act of broadcasting whose aim is is projecting an idealized image of us.
As a consequence of this, we lost the ability to talk with our inner self, as we can not lie to our own mind.
Far from being a religious work, this artwork asks us to sit down and talk to ourselves.
What praying is, if not a cathartic moment in which we meditate about our doubts, fears, secrets and pain?


Maurizio Fusillo (1990) studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia, Italy. His work explores the relationship between the real and the digital world and how humans interact with computers and with and within this alternative reality. One of his work got the the mention for electronic arts at the Premio Nazionale delle Arti 2013 (National Arts Award) organised by the Italian ministry of culture. He took part in various art exhibitions both in EU and overseas. 



Ave Schmidt

Ave Schmidt is an Estonian born artist and illustrator. Her graphic visual language is defined by lush imagination and playing with the boundaries of the proportions and shapes while trying to keep the attitude to drawing distinctive. In her work she is observing an individual in the present world with its everyday bizarreness, dilemmas and challenges.



Sana Murad


Sana likes telling visual stories and capturing feelings through her photos. She gets inspired by movies and songs but also by the mundane beauty of ugly, everyday objects and autobiographical elements.


“The girl with the mirror face” - Photo Series

“The girl with the mirror face” is a collaborative project with Bruna Pazuti. The girl with the mirror face lets you see whatever you desire when you look at her; when you are asking someone to talk to you, you want to talk to a mirror version of that person, a version that you have made up in the walls of your mind. 

For this part of the project, we explored and used the spaces of Mudam and tried to play with its architecture. 



Mila Thoma

Mila Thoma is a developing artist from Luxembourg, having an affinity for multiple art forms and techniques - yet trying to find the starting point of her creative process.

Her sketchbook 'Contemplating' is an accessible artwork reflecting the intuitive process of rewriting the words of this year's theme 'Talk to me'.


Marina Herber

Après des études en dessin animé et camérawoman, mon style tourne autour du pop-art cartoonesque, un univers de personnages fantastiques,  expressifs, souvent abstractisés, aux couleurs vives avec un trait franc et organique.

La série "Nos Voisins les Humains" représente des esprits et dieux de différentes cultures à travers le temps.



Lynn Kelders

Lynn Kelders is a young, aspiring artist from Bettendorf and is currently studying German linguistics and art history Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Born in 1997, she made her first steps towards arts at a young age already and took the path of a section E - Plastic arts back in Highschool. Her artstyle changed and evolved constantly over the course of the last few years. Her exposed project at LaSuDa consists of a series of portraits addressing the biggest insecurities of the depicted people and a sticker project that declares that everybody is a piece of art and therefore beautiful. Her goal is to create an interactive exhibition that encourages a discussion about beauty standards and body positivity.



Anja Kürschgen


“Konstellation.F” - Installation, Photo series

Die Arbeit ist eine Hommage an Beziehungen, an Verbindungen, an Erfahrungen. Sie Alle bilden unser Ich, prägen unser zukünftiges Ich und geben Aufschluss über unser vergangenes Ich. Anja Kürschgen benutzt einfache Materialien, um komplizierte Bilder innerer Zustände unseres Innersten an die Oberfläche zu holen.


Anja Kürschgen wurde Jahre 1990 in Bonn-Duisdorf geboren.

2010 begann sie zunächst eine Ausbildung zur Friseurin, und schloss diese mit einem Friseurmeister und Make-Up-Artist ab. Sie spezialisierte sich auf den Bereich Coloration/Farbe, was ihr auf langer Sicht jedoch nicht genügen sollte.

Seit 2017 studiert Anja Kürschgen nun an der Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft im Studiengang Kunstpädagogik-Therapie.




Als freischaffende Künstlerin hat Annelizza die letzten sieben Jahre in Barcelona, eine für sie sehr inspirierende Stadt, verbracht.

Neben der Acrylmalerei entwickelt sie in anderen Bereichen ihre Aktivitäten polyphon. Sie erforscht malerische Tätigkeiten als auch andere Dimensionen der plastischen Kunst: Fotografie (Landschaften, Inszenierung von Emotionen), Collagen, Zeichnungen mit Chinesischer Tusche,  Sie möchte sich keine künstlerischen Grenzen auferlegen.

Ihre Illustrationen und Acrylmalereien sollen zum Reden und Denken anregen: Bei " la decapitada" handelt es sich nicht um eine auf Horror und schiere Dramatik zielende künstlerische Gestaltung. Die Köpfungs-Szene ist vielmehr eine vermeintliche. Was kann passiert sein? Sind die Masken gefallen? 




Having been creatively active since a very young age, now I am a young adult desperately trying to become an illustrator. My works do not really follow one certain artstyle or idea in general: I simply draw what enters my mind, or what motivates me. -Avocadasso



Elena Hentges


Elena Hentges is a Luxembourgish illustrator based in Trier, who has worked for clients like Mudam and a few other local businesses. She is currently studying Communication Design in Trier. Before university, she attended a Luxembourgish high school, which offered an art-focused education. She likes to paint with acrylics, watercolours, ink and polychromos. She also does digital illustrations on her iPad.


“Clouded Minds Serie” -  Illustrations

This series visualizes the internal development of a person, that overthinks and worries too much. 



Laurent Wians


23 year old Laurent Wians is an illustrator/painter based in Berlin and is currently finishing his studies in illustration. In 2016 him and Robert Westphal start painting as a duo under the name „Arbeitstitel“. The collective now consists of 4 people and focuses on paintings, installations, various paper and digital work as well as graphic design. 

Laurent Wians’ work varies from small drawings on paper to to typography to experimental digital collages to larger scale canvases. Always reinventing his style and experimenting with different techniques is a big part of his way of working. Inspiration comes from everywhere; random compositions in nature, everyday objects, comics as well as light phenomenons.


Dem Laurent seng Wierker behandelen eng feelgeschloen Kommunikatioun. Dëst gëtt unhand vun der abstrakter Formsprooch, den Sproochfragmenter, an der Situatioun am Bild vermëttelt.



Caroline Schmit


During my childhood I already had the urge to draw wherever I found space, and I continued developing my creativity later in college. For me, there are a lot of possible ways to create art. Being a huge nature lover, I try to integrate environmental issues into my artwork, as I’m convinced that art has the ability and power to inspire people to care more.


This interactive artwork in the form of a giant beehive invites visitors to contribute to its development by picking one of the small paintings next to it and putting them on the hive. In that way, they are giving something to the artwork, they help it grow; they communicate with it. I was inspired by the way honeybees work with flowers, as they complement one another instead of fighting each other to receive what they need.

Their work is crucial for nature’s wellbeing as well as our own. We can learn from them and try working together with nature instead of against it. 

Pollution, climate change and mass extinction are the signs nature gives us. It tries to talk to us about its daily suffering, but we don’t listen hard enough. How is nature talking to us, what does it try to tell us? And how can we learn to become better listeners and take action? These are the questions I ask myself and through my artwork, I invite others to do so as well. The present artwork means to give the visitors the opportunity to interact cheerfully and to be involved in the creation of an artistic biotope.



Julia Stockhausen

The signs we’re looking for in the world around us and find (possibly in our imagination) build the theme of the 21-year-old philosophy student Julia Stockhausen. The world is talking to us through signs. In her photographs, she tries to bring her special way of seeing things as momentary and important sensations to the observer. 


Carla Treinen


Carla has completed an artistic pathway at Athénée and is now studying architecture in Berlin. She likes painting with acrylics on canvas the most. She is excited to show some of her work at Last Summer Dance and would be more than happy for you to visit the arts exhibition.


For Last Summer Dance's arts exhibition Carla prepares a sketch book with scribbles depicting her summer holidays, and through this tries to establish a conversation with the person that flips through the book.


Alain Welter


Alain Welter is a Mural Artist and Illustrator from Luxembourg, so his works vary from large murals to all kinds of illustrations. Basically his works are very striking to bring the main idea forward. After his three years of illustration studies at the BTK in Berlin he worked on his personal project „Make Koler Kooler“ by turning his hometown Kahler (lux. Kahler) into a constantly growing Urban Art Museum.


“The Earth has Music for those who listen” - Art Print 50 x 50 cm

Art print is from a mural project for Kufas Urban Art from 2018. The mural is located next to the Ellergronn forest in Esch-sur-Alzette. The idea of this project was to create a connection between the environment and man himself. When you connect with nature and go for a walk, you will hear animals directly or indirectly talking to you. The quote "The earth has music for those who listen" by the Spanish philosopher George Santayana was a perfect guide to this interaction between man and nature.



Nicole Szklarek


Nicole Szklarek was born 02.07.1989 in Euskirchen. She studies, works and lives in Düsseldorf, Germany. She visits Hochschule Düsseldorf and is going to make her Masters in the field of communication design. Her area of activity covers Illustrations, graphic works and editorial aspects. Art and design are combined as her professions. Her polish routes have brought her to an educational journey to the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Gdansk, Poland. The experience she acquired there, are big influences in her work till this day.



The series deals with different moments of communication. The ones we have with ourselves, toxic interpersonal moments of exchange, relationship-stereotypes and the king of anxieties: the dialogue via phone call. These moments were captured by Nicole Szklarek and put concisely into a combination of expressive color schemes and different shape sets. 


Fabienne Margue

Kunst ist für sie eine Art und Weise die Welt wahrzunehmen. Womit sie sich in ihrem Studiengang Kunstpädagogik- Therapie beschäftigt ist was Kunst sowohl bei dem Betrachter als auch bei dem Schaffenden auslöst, wie man Kunst vermitteln kann und wie Kunst sogar zum Katalysator für gesellschaftlichen Wandel werden kann.