Thank you!

We wanted to thank everybody who attended the Last Summer Dance Festival 2018 and made the small moments memorable and the big ones epic.

To our visitors, performers, musicians, workshoppists, artists, partners and volunteers: thanks for being part of our community, for inspiring us, for keeping us busy, for traveling from nearby and faraway places, for making us smile, sing, dance and think.
When we came back to the castle park last Tuesday, it didn’t really feel like we left 24 months ago.

This year, we leave the festival grounds rejuvenated - we can’t really say what the future holds with our heads high up in the clouds. But if this festival meant anything, it was an affirmation that we all need to create and participate in open, inclusive and inspiring spaces.

Without all of you, we wouldn’t be dancing.

Last Summer Dance crew


Natalia Dg C'est Karma Epicure. Emma Anders Charles Viguerie Malcolm Humes In The Atlas Los Dueños Il Civetto Crop Circuit Aka Dj Ghost vinyl harvest. Nicolas Calmes Raphael Lemaire Rick Schmitz Hussein Zaitouni LE VIBE All Reitz Reserved Catastrophe Waitress Seed to Tree Maša La Swing Dance Luxembourg ASBL Plooschter Projet Luxembourg in Transition SPRAY PEACE Ahïmsa Pastrana OUNI Géisskan Kollektiv SoulaLune Behnam Hassani Léa Giordano Anouk Flesch Michelle Kleyr Caroline Elisabeth Catherine Goetzinger Lynn Kelders Marina Herber Maurizio Fusillo Sana Murad Well all Choix zielt Délice Végétal CDJ Ierpeldeng Nordstadjugend asbl Textinova S.à.r.l CORK FASHION Amnesty International BetonBea

and so many more

 picture by the one and only Sam Flammang

picture by the one and only Sam Flammang