What 2017 brings for us

2017 has come with great expectations and changes. And change did not stop in front of us.

For many of our team members, the new year marks a new step in our lives, be it in the job, studies or personal projects. For the last four years, some of us invested every free second of their time with full hearts to organise the best possible Last Summer Danc Festival. For us, who all work voluntarily on this project, it has been an exhausting journey, but the feedback, the stories, the participation of you guys had made every festival so special, so unique that it made us continue, year after year after year.

However, this year, 2017, we’ve decided to take a break. We’ve realised that we’ve hit a point where we don’t have the capacities, both mentally and physically, to organise a festival to its fullest potential right now.

If you’ve been with us from the start, you might realise that we enter our fifth year of existence. So there is one promise we make: this is not the end of the Last Summer Dance Festival. We will be back, at the end of the summer of 2018, with recharged batteries, fresh minds and new ideas at the Schlasspark Erpeldange to celebrate a big, big 5-year birthday party festival, full of surprises!

It is almost time to look back at 2016 – what two wonderful days we had! Thanks to everyone who came, danced, talked, laughed, enjoyed themselves! Thanks to each and everyone of you, visitors, musicians, artists, workshop organisers, dearest partners, without whom a festival just wouldn’t make sense! Sit back, watch and share our aftermovie of the Last Summer Dance 2016!

We won’t be completely gone in 2017 – such a great festival year is ahead of us, with the Food For Your Senses Festival having its comeback, and Koll an AktiouDe Kolla Festiva and Funky Donkey Festival which surely will be as lively as ever. You’ll see us at some of these places, so stay tuned!

With love,

Last Summer Dance team