21, Porte des Ardennes
L-9145 Erpeldange-sur-Sûre


How to get to the festival grounds


As you may know the festival will take place on the castle grounds (‘Schlasspark’) in Erpeldange-sur-Sûre, the secret heart of the ‘Nordstad’ between Ettelbruck and Diekirch. The festival place is about 2 kilometres away from the train and bus station ‘Ettelbruck, Gare’.  

  • By bike

 The cycleway 16 that connects Ettelbruck to Diekirch via Ingeldorf is located nearby. A bicycle parking station will be available free of charge not far away from the entrance.

  • By train (and train substitution buses respectively)

Ettelbruck train and bus station can directly be reached through the railway line 10 (Luxembourg – Mersch – Ettelbruck) and due to construction works on the northern part (Ettelbruck (– Diekirch) – Kautenbach (– Wiltz) – Clervaux –Troisvierges – Gouvy – Trois-Ponts – Liège-Guillemins) train substitution buses (official PDFs by the railway company CFL: (1) and (2)). For more information visit the CFL or Mobilitéit web pages.

  • By bus

On Saturday only the festival ground has sort of its own bus stop: ‘Erpeldange/Ettelbruck, Beim Schlass’ is located, as the name suggests, next to the entrance of the site and is reached by the bus lines 550 and 552 from and to ‘Ettelbruck, Gare’. Unfortunately these two lines do not operate on Sunday!  Apart from that you can always take the bus lines 500, 502, 570, 555, 565 and 560 from ‘Ettelbruck, Gare’ to ‘Erpeldange/Ettelbruck, Um Dreieck’ and walk the remaining 1 kilometre. For further information and real time connections check out mobiliteit.lu.  In addition, there will be four late night bus lines to and from the festival ground.

  • By car

  You really can‘t resist, can you? Why not share a car with your friends or other people? To concretise the car sharing project we came up with a Facebook page so you can organise and take advantage of the car pooling concept.  A car park will be available for 2€ per day on the meadow just opposite to the site entrance.