Plooschter Projet

Den Plooschter Projet invitéiert DECH op d' Event "Last Summer Dance Festival" zu Ierpeldeng fir Stammzellespender ze ginn. D' Kritären sin: - Tëschent 18 a 40 Joer al sinn - Méi wéi 50kg weien - Als Fra maximal 2 Schwangerschaften - Gesond sin Villäicht sinn genee DENG Stammzellen d'Rettung fier een Bluttkriibspatient! All weider Infoen zum Thema fannt daer op: Mir frëen eis op DECH an hoffen eng grouss Unzuel u Leit mobiliséiert ze kréien!


4motion (PIPAPO)

4motion asbl is committed to establishing the conditions for a more inclusive, responsible, civic and participatory society, by stimulating social and political change in order to learn how to live better together.

PIPAPO project is looking for the collaboration between venues and event managers in the night life business in order to make clubbing and partying safer. Our aim is to raise the party-goers’ awareness for the possible risks they might take while celebrating and how they can minimize them by developing harm reduction strategies. (Topics concerning possible risks are related to drug use and associated risk behaviour, ear protection, safer sex and of course road safety.)



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