Volunteer NOW!

We are glad that you feel up to giving us a hand at the Last Summer Dance Festival 2018, the 1st and 2nd September in Erpeldange-sur-Sûre!

Benefit from:

  • free entry during the 2 festival days (camping included)
  • vouchers for food and drinks,
  • motivating tasks, meeting new people and being a part of the Last Summer Dance Festival!

Choose between 4 different tasks:

  • Bar - serving drinks to our guests
  • Box office – either at the entrance (box office) or the voucher desk 
  • Security – keep an eye on the festival area! No need to worry, no fighting involved :) 
  • Quick response –give us a hand if something unexpected comes up

The bar and security shifts need more volunteers than the other tasks, but we try our best to consider your preferences. That's basically why we ask you to choose two tasks.


Shifts are of a duration of 3 1/2 hours. You'll be given one drink voucher per shift and a food voucher for every second shift you do.

This means: 
1 shift before 6pm  =>    free entry for the respective day, 1 drink voucher
1 shift after 6pm     =>    free entry for 2 days, 1 drink voucher
2 shifts                     =>    free entry for 2 days, 2 drink voucher, 1 food
3 shifts                     =>    free entry for 2 days, 3 drink voucher, 1 food
4 shifts                     =>    free entry for 2 days, 4 drink voucher, 2 food

What task would you like to do? *
Only one answer possible.
What would you like to do second most? *
Only one answer possible.
During which shifts would you like to work? *
Select at least 1 shift, but we highly recommend you to take at least 2 (or more).
What's your t-shirt size? We need it for your fancy staff shirts! *
F stands for fitted (formerly female), M stands for not fitted (formerly male). The choice is up to you! Caution: The shirts are quite small, so you may choose a larger size than usually.
Your name *
Your name
Please give us your contact details so we know who you are and how to reach you.
E. g. 4917512345678 for a German number or 352621123456 for a Luxembourgish one (enter the country code without "+" as the field doesn't accept it ;) )

Anything else you want to know or further suggestions you want to make?

Don't hesitate and contact Christian:

christian@lastsummerdance.lu / +352 621 692 703 (Luxembourgish number, only SMS & calls) / +49 176 30 15 85 93 (German number, SMS, calls, WhatsApp, Telegram & Signal).

Many thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing you soon! :)