Seed To Tree

Seed to Tree developed from their folk roots into a dedicated indie-pop band reminiscent of acts like Bombay Bicycle Club and Ben Howard.
An intimate voice intertwined with consistent grooves, broad guitar sounds, synth scapes and rich melodies, flirt along the lines of indie pop before meandering atmospheric folk shoegaze kicks in and envelops you.

Catastrophe Waitress

We want to celebrate our birthday edition number 5 with friends, old and new! You might remember Forks In The Snow from 2016….they are back as Catastrophe Waitress, not only a new name but new music in their pocket.

Be ready for some sweet moments on the acoustic stage!

C'est Karma

A well-beloved face of our poetry slams, Karma’s now making beautiful music too!

Fernanda Stange

Fernanda Stange  was born in Portugal to Brazilian parents and has grown up between Portugal and Luxembourg. She was inducted to The Grund Club as a songwriter in February 2017

Since 2016, Fernanda has been a singer for the Rock Combo of the Ecole de Musique Bascharage, she has a band project, a solo project in development and she’s on her way to becoming a singer-songwriter, in order to record her music and to perform it on stage.


A young Luxembourgish band, creating atmospherical and mesmerizing indie sound.

In The Atlas

A Luxembourg-based Indie Pop-Rock Band, performing their second concert ever at Last Summer Dance 2018!